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Come join us! Together we have the power to protect our future and our Great Salt Lake! Learn how you can engage and participate throughout the 2024 legislative session.


Keep Vigil with Great Salt Lake 


From January 16th- March 1st 2024, we will keep vigil for Great Salt Lake outside the Utah State Capitol. No one has ever done this before and we need your help!

Help us demonstrate the love for Great Salt Lake and celebrate all the species she sustains! Each morning from 8-9 am we will Walk with the Waves around the Capitol in silence; each evening from 5-6 pm we will make some joyful noise and Celebrate the Lake Species with puppets built by many members of the lake-facing community. In this way, we will make our great love visible every Monday-Friday throughout the entire legislative session. You are welcome for one day of the vigil or every day! Make sure to sign up!


Great Salt Lake Lobby Days

Join us every week throughout the 2024 Legislative Session for GSL Lobby Days! Timing and location varies. Each week, we’ll provide a rundown of the bills we’re watching and provide lobbying training before we head out to lobby our lawmakers together! No experience necessary. Sign up today!

Meeting times:

  • Thursday, Jan 25th 10:30-12:30, Beehive Room (map)

  • Thursday, Feb 1 from 9:30-12, Capitol Room 105

  • Thursday, Feb 8th 10-11 Copper Room, East Senate Building 

  • Friday, Feb 16th 9:30-11:30, Capitol Boardroom 

  • Thursday, Feb 22nd - 9:30 - 12, Capitol Room 105

Elected Official Contact Report

Reached out to your representatives about Great Salt Lake? We’d love to hear about it! We’re tracking legislators' positions on Great Salt Lake to support our lobbying efforts. Find the form here.

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