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Rights for Great Salt Lake

Following the 2022 Utah Legislative session, frustrated by the piecemeal and incremental “solutions” proposed by our lawmakers, we began imagining what real protection for Great Salt Lake might look like and found ourselves enlivened by the Rights of Nature movement and the idea of Rights for Great Salt Lake. A year later, we’re thrilled to finally share our draft resolution for the Rights of Great Salt Lake.

The idea with this resolution — which, at present, is mostly symbolic — is to start building a movement of support with community groups and local governments. We would love your input before we move in this direction.

Thank you to our beloved community that helped craft the resolution’s preamble at Balancing the Biome: Rights of Nature in October 2022. Thank you to Blake Lavia and Tzintzun Aguilar-Izzo of Talking Rivers for your endless guidance, support, and inspiration as remarkable leaders in the Rights of Nature movement. And thank you especially to the resolution’s authors, Grant Wilson, Director of the Earth Law Center; Marsha Moutrie, Senior Counsel with Earth Law Center and retired City Attorney of Santa Monica, CA; Gary Wockner, Executive Director of Save the Colorado; and Abigal Benesh, 2020 Graduate of University of Utah’s S.J. Quinney College of Law and Campaigner for the Animal Legal Defense Fund.

To learn more about the Rights of Nature movement and the Resolution for Great Salt Lake, catch the recording of our Rights for GSL Webinar with the Earth Law Center and Talking Rivers.

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